The mad prince by eilian-d3i0hdi

Yol'Tharion was the son of Yol'Tithian. When the shards and the Frame of the Mirror were dispersed across the world by the Crimson March, Men'heva sent agents to find them. Yol'Tharion was one of the foremost Seekers, as the son of the greatest amongst the Benefactors.

His search saw him trapped in the Ancient Oculus, where he remained until agents of Ravenholdt were similarly pulled within. Inside the Oculus, he began magical experiments and studies, creating homonculi and practicing the arts of Sirian the Elf, creating life out of inanimate matter.

When he was freed, Yol'Tharion was long since mad. He quickly rallied back to Men'heva's side. He fought to defend the False Prophet in Ulmat Thondr and Ula-Tek, and went missing after Men'heva's death.

The Benefactors
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