Sylvanas Windrunner
Sylvanas Windrunner - Viridian
Bathed in the Viridian Light, Sylvanas enforces the word of the Prophet.


The Age of Men'heva




Viridian Templar






High Elf


Alleria Windrunner, Vereesa Windrunner, Lirath Windrunner, Xalmor Windrunner

Sylvanas Windrunner was the Viridian Templar in the Age of Men'heva. She was undead, raised by the powers of Men'heva.

Age of Men'hevaEdit


Sylvanas was summoned by the Prophet Men'heva himself, an invitation that surprised and honored the elf. She was overjoyed when the Prophet told her of his intention to have her become the new Viridian Templar, and eagerly undertook the task of killing Xalmor Windrunner. Xalmor was the Rogue Templar and had fled across the sea with his Malefactors. As Xalmor had not died, he still retained the title of Viridian Templar. Sylvanas was assigned to find and kill him both to free up the position and to prove herself, a final test of sorts. Boarding a Gilnean ship crewed by Arugal's worgen, she traveled to the lands of Kalimdor.

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She arrived the quilboar town of Razorfen Berth, a seedy port. The local Nectar Den reminded Sylvanas of her sister, Vereesa, who herself was a Nectar addict. Sylvanas left the town as soon as she could, heading out into the wilderness. She found no trace of Xalmor in the quilboar lands, and so was forced to bypass the border enforced by the centaur to continue her search. With the assistance of Bloodfeather and her Witchwing harpies Sylvanas took down the border guard, leaving one centaur alive for the harpies to mate with as was customary. Continuing on the border of the region known as Thousand Needles, she noticed a prison camp of some sort in the valley. The elf headed west into the forest of Feralas, where she set up camp before being ambushed by the half-elf known as Greystone, who was also hunting Xalmor.