Nicholas Drake


Kirin Mora


Member of the Council of Six


Deceased/Killed by Franek Snowburn while trying to escape Dalaran



Nicholas Drake was a young and talented member of the Council of Six, the ruling circle of the Kirin Tor of Dalaran. He respected conservative ideals in the caste, and was often against any suggestions of radical change. Before the Great War errupted, Hesperia underwent a difficult crisis, related to the affairs of religion and diplomacy. Dalaran needed reform to survive being torn apart from within, and Archmage Franek Snowburn, a fellow member of the Council, suggested that a dictator be elected.

Alongside Grigori Dosantos, Nicholas tried to block the vote when the decision lay between the Council alone, but when the citizens voted in favour, the battle was lost. Grigori did not take kindly to the change, and Nicholas, as eagre to please as ever, helped orchestrate an assassination attempt against Javali. Nicholas was one of the key conspirators in the plot, alongside Saadhal Mundis and Casamir Odelic. Unfortunately for this circle, the Hareveim discovered the plot and the rebels were forced to attempt to leave the city. They were stopped by the city guard, and a fierce battle errupted.

Determined to prevent this new Kirin Mora rebellion from spilling further than the city itself, Franek Snowburn took matters into his own hands and resolved to directly extinguish the lives of the opposition. He engaged Nicholas Drake in combat, and having trained the young man in the past, Franek knew his former student well enough to counter him efficiently. Nicholas Drake was slain, but not before the Kirin Mora could flee the city.

His wizard name was Estheren, though he preferred to use his given name, much like Casamir Odelic.