Mrs. Proudmoore
Mrs. Proudmoore was a Nymph married to Thaumas Proudmoore of Kul’Tiras.


Originally a nameless Nymph, this free-spirit spent her days frolicking through the forests near Dalaran, stark naked and without a care in the world.

One day, when a delegation from Kul’Tiras was in the city, Thaumas Proudmoore took his father, Phorcys, out into the woods for a hunt. Phorycs’ magic senses began to tingle. Thaumas had his men throw nets around, and they caught an invisible Nymph in one of them.

Thaumas used his magical powers to disperse her invisibility. Her green skin, leafy hair, and general nudity inspired him to take her as his wife at that very moment.

Thaumas whisked her off to glamorous Fenris Keep, where they were married in a secret ceremony. The honeymmon was to be short lived however, as violence broke out at the diplomatic summit. When Thaumas cut a path out a balcony window to his trusted escape Couatl, Warester Van Dam gave pursuit. Mr.s Proudmoore blocked his path, but having prepared for just such a contingency, Warester threw weed killer in her face - horribly scarring her.

She disappeared from the Isle afterwards, possibly having escaped.


After some time she was captured by Phorcys, who had her invisibility spell removed. She was given as a gift to Namor Periandrius, who had his way with her. After his ship was destroyed she became lost off the coast of Zul'Dare.


"Well... to me it looks like the problem of not having a wife is solved. What do you think, father?"

"I think you're getting mad."

"A bit of madness... never hurts anyone."

- Thaumas and Phorcys’ exchange when they met his future bride

Family treeEdit

Pontus Proudmoore
Unknown Proudmoore
Phorcys Proudmoore
Mrs. Proudmoore
Thaumas Proudmoore
Iole Proudmoore
Elaine Proudmoore
Sinéad Proudmoore
Brutus Armaggon
Xanthus Alverold
Julius Armaggon
Xanthus Proudmoore

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