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Margaret Corin, belongs as her name indicates to one of Lordaeron's's more wealthy and powerful families. One century ago, her ancestors were given the permit to build a town in Strattania. Which thanks to its strategic posistion soon thrived and with it the prestige and wealth of the family. Despite this the family was rumored to have Pagan connections, especially with the war god of Brux.

It was in this town that she grewed up , watching how people fled from Lightist lands been discriminated because of their faith. Thus she began to grow some resent against the Church of the Holy Light. However this didn't stopped her from failing in love with Prince Alford Menethil, the future king of Loraderon. Afraid of the reaction the king would have of learning of her true fatih, she pretended to a simple noble girl uninterested in religous matters. And so the love of the girl and the rekclessness of the young prince gave fruit to a secret affair. Eventually from this affair Margaret became pregnant. Afraid of what his father the king would do to him Alford took one of the children with him and passed him as a son of his brother. The young was named Tileot and became a member of the royal family. However, the prince wasn't aware Margaret was pregnant of twins, and so the other child named Andol remained with is mother in Corin's Crossing.

Time passed and Andol turned into a man, when one day an elf who called himself Amron showed himself to Margaret. He claimed to be an emmisary of the Prophet, the last direct contanct the pagans had with their gods. He said he was ordered to found an army to fight agains the Lightist hordes who were preparing to persecute the pagans.

She was killed when Thomas Marden used a Holy Nova.

Family treeEdit

Vandemar Menethil
Bauros Menethil
Alford Menethil
Margaret Corin
Lora Menethil
Tileot Menethil
Andol Corin

The Maroon Cult of Brux
Amron Radiun Malad
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