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There is nothing certain in a man’s life but that he must lose it.

The Malachite Hand was a pagan organization based in Gilneas, specifically within the city of Braent. Under the guidance of the hereditary Dukes of Braent, the Malachite Hand acted as an instrument with which to ensure the dominance of a pagan creed known as the Doctrine.

Before and during the Great War, the Malachite Hand was led by Zamelean and was thrown against the agents of the Azure Church of Gilneas, which defied the Doctrine. Zamelean used Richard de Marmont to assassinate Parisot de Bracy.

Included in the ranks of the Hand were Brutus Armaggon, Bobby "Caps" Locke, Korrin Wordsworth, Lamar Daedran and Louis Oudinot. Quche Havalanio, acting leader, inducted Amarian Zeshuwal, Warren Greystone and Jammal Hildebrand into the order, despite the fact that Warren was Bruxist and Jammal a Lightist.

Under Quche Havalanio the Malachite Hand entered into an alliance with the Malefactors.