Jammal Hildebrand was, like most court wizards dwelling across the continent, trained and raised in Dalaran. Upon the completion of his schooling, he returned to Gilneas, to the family that had sent him, and to the court that expected his services. Jammal returned a man quite clumsy, just as he had been as a child. Viktor Greymane was never known for his patience, and he quickly became known for telling his court wizard "Damnit, Jammal!". Over the years, Jammal and Viktor developed their master and slave relationship to new and complex degrees, with Jammal often assigned menial and degrading tasks on a whim. Despite this, he loved his king. When the pagan rebellion under Mordred Baldanes broke out, Jammal was there to unearth Painbrand and help his king through the hardest of times.[1]

Ultimately, due to the treachery of Parisot de Bracy, Viktor Greymane was executed due to an illusion disguising him as the former. Jammal set off in pursuit of Parisot during the taking of Ginchar by Sorsbrent's forces, and redirected the tracking spell cast on Warren Greystone onto Parisot, so as to track the man and have a trail leading to the pagan leadership.


In an attempt to rescue Barbara Friendly from the dragon Atrumarion, Jammal found himself cornered with Zero-Zero-Nine, Amarian Zeshuwal and Kid Gorgeous when Magyver McGowan's plan to become a drakonid backfired, with his will being bent to that of the dragon's. Jammal had Amarian seduce Drakyver; as they engaged in a passionate embrace, Amarian stabbed her target multiple times in the back. Jammal drew power from the blood and seized control of the golems blocking the group's advance. Mad with power, he insisted that Drakyver he left behind.
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