This page details the characters and their allegiances at the beginning of the game, not taking into account any later changes of rank or allegiance.

The following are all characters who appeared during the Great War era, and not in recent era tales or successors such as the Rage or Cry of the Martyrs, or the Age of Men'heva.

A Stub indicates a character that is an actively played character.

A EndStub indicates a character that was an actively played character.

Related to LordaeronEdit

Lordaeron Tabard

EndStubAlford Menethil, King of Lordaeron

Thomassy, Court Wizard

James Sherman, Marshal of the Army

Adaen Melrache, Commander of the Witch Hunters

Thomas Marden, Archbishop of the Church of the Holy Light

Borett Pureblood, Witch Hunter Lieutenant

Friedrik de Mon, Captain of the Royal Guard

Katherine Adai, Admiral of Lordaeron

Daevin Shadowbreaker, Witch Hunter

Cerzimon, a priest of the Church of the Holy Light

Esarim Tabard

Tileot Menethil, supposed nephew to the King

Bauros Menethil, brother to Alford and supposed father of Tileot

Lora Menethil, Queen of Lordaeron

Thera Sherman, cousin to the Marshal

Lucius Fordring, Lieutenant

Jonathan de Bracy, the Lost Esarim; deserter

StubMaximus Krowl, figurehead of the People's Front

Canbrad, practical leader of the People's Front

StubWarren Greystone, a rebel captain

Oran, Maroon rebellion ambassador to the People's Front

Amron Radiun Malad, druid turned overlord of the Maroon rebellion

Margaret Corin, the Bloodmaid

Andol Corin, Maroon commander

Sagan Deathgrin, Gnoll warlord

Rogeh Deathgrin, Gnoll warrior

Wiglaf Folles, Warlord

Melusine, Assassin

Henrick Balnir, Rebel

Emilda Blackmoore, Rebel

Rofelius Rofalelu, Herald, 'the Forgotten'

Related to HesperiaEdit

Dalaran Tabard

EndStubJavali, Dictator of Dalaran

Franek Snowburn, Member of the Council of Six

Zinizar, Archareveim of the Hareveim

Ulyssan, Kirin Mora turncoat

StubAnazar, Apprentice to Zinizar

Augusta, Archmage of the Western Legion

Kirazar, a Zaramim under Anazar

Kraus Gardham, a Zaramim under Anazar and Malefactor

Nevain Daxanar, a Zaramim under Anazar and Malefactor

Gianata, Senior Hareveim

Omfena, Hareveim

Isis, Hareveim

Yintara, Hareveim

EndStubTiberius Leo, General of the Eastern Legion

Niccolo Marius, General of the Western Legion

Meracci, Brigadier of the Eastern Legion

Veleva, Archmage of the Eastern Legion

Marcello DeLuca, Commander of the Dalarani Cavalry

Aileen Zanaxer, daughter of Javali and Zinizar

StubNezario Trajan

Nevio Trajan

Nadia Trajan



Dorian Armonis, Count of Nevezia

Alberto Zartus, Count of Seashire

Ranndin Scipio, Count of Andriano

Philip Juntridge, Mayor of Tarren Mill

Miranda Callahan, Countess of Venege

Avette Korgal, Countess of Firezne

Sebastian Whiteford, Lord of Cattana

Angela Lionheart, Countess of Tornio

Elrios Kaleiki, Count of Pasata

Henry, Bishop of Dalaran

William Jordan, Lightist man of the cloth

Kirin Mora Tabard

Grigori Dosantos, Member of the Council of Six and leader of the Kirin Mora

Saadhal Mundis, Blind Archmage in the Kirin Mora

Casamir Odelic, Member of the Council of Six

Nicholas Drake, Member of the Council of Six

Filbert de Niglac, Archmage in the Kirin Mora

Vincent Ashbank, Mayor of Ambermill

Khaltrax Korran, Bruxist recluse monk guy

Related to RavenholdtEdit


StubWarester Van Dam, Grand Master

Travot Ravenholdt, Hereditary Civil Ruler of Ravenholdt

Krol, Former Grand Master

Vord Wallis, Travot's Lieutenant

Hellen von Xie, Nightslayer Field Commander

StubMagyver McGowan, Operative

Kid Gorgeous, Panther

Myrokos Silentform, Operative

Robere de Changee, Nightslayer

Percy Fayette, Nightslayer

Ramrod Tabard

StubOwen Zverenhoff, Ramrod Legionnaire

Qu, Quartermaster & Inventor

New Qu, apprentice to Qu

Bazil, Nightslayer; absurd Spear Rogue

Lindea, Nightslayer

Barbara Friendly, Operative & Instructor; "Cruel Barb"

Johnnie Jacula, Nightslayer

Charlie Vidal, Nightslayer; "the Knife"

Robin Keats, Nightslayer

Bill Sleeve, Nightslayer

Jason Redleaf, Nightslayer

Kai Orochi, Doctor

Norman Dafoe, "the Gnoll", Doctor

Kage, Doctor

Leonidas Pavel, Doctor

Stewart Fightmaster, Doctor

Elizabeth Slaughter, Doctor

Leigh Plinck, Nurse

Related to Kul TirasEdit

Kul Tiras Tabard

EndStubThaumas Proudmoore, Grand Admiral

Phorcys, Ex-Grand Admiral turned omniscient demigod

Reginald Redpath, Captain of the Royal Guard

Xanthus Alverold, Commander of Land Forces

StubNamor Periandrius, Commodore of the Fleet

Elaine Proudmoore, Princess of Kul Tiras

Mrs. Proudmoore, not at the time

Jeremon Reddon, Bishop of Drisburg

StubJoachim Alten, Baron of Balor

Gerard Falrevere, Balor Fleet Commander

Kraven Cobra, Boralus Navy Commander

Henry Caldwell, Royal Guard

Kul Phorcys Tabard

Ishmael Khalabrond, Vizier

Brutus Armaggon, Leader of the Eels

Donald Redpath, Landowner, father of Reginald

Yuric Caldwell, Councilor of Zul'Dare, uncle of Henry

Archibald Firallon, sailor

Sybil, a Balorian Priestess of Mnesthes

Lennart McNabb, sailor

Asa Pierce, Boralus native and Malefactor

Martin MacVince, Boralus native and Malefactor

Chora Atticans, Yubenshire native and Malefactor

Porsparian, Civilian

Sinéad Bansal, Great-Filiate of the Daughters of Pontus

Janus DeMeza, rogue admiral

Cyrus Reethe, Lightist noble

Related to the NidhoggEdit

StubBartholomew Dampwallace, Captain of the Nidhogg, a pirate vessel

Valabelle Dampwallace, dwarven wife of Bartholomew

Kelda Dampwallace, half-dwarf daughter of Bartholomew and Valabelle

Harvey Salz, first mate of the Nidhogg

Caitlyn Salz, deckhand

Nickalaus Wadsworth, deckhand

Quinton Stone, strategist of the Nidhogg

Maximus Wagner, deckhand

Samwise Wagner, deckhand

Fisher Todd, cook

Earl Jorguns, navigator of the Nidhogg

James Nathaniel Sherry, deckhand

Antony Moss, gunner of the Nidhogg

'Lucky' Hunter Kington, deckhand

Micaiah, mysterious stranger

Related to AlteracEdit

Alterac Tabard

EndStubTendura Xie, Lord of Alterac

Pierronne Drace, sister of General Samhus

Mikhail Gabranth, Assassin-Mage Lord

Bergan Yezhov, First Chancellor

Yeven Montrose, Voice of Giren

Giren, Unknown

Caxagord, Court Wizard

Shade, Assassin-Mage

Chronokul Asher, Assassin-Mage

Dandred Asher, of the Myriad Nobles

Faldren Darafel, Admiral of Alterac

Lazare Larkin, Deceased ex-admiral

Liberius Laike, Assassin-Mage and Chief of Police

Nibbles, Gnoll chef

Jere Kavdan, Lord of Ashnord

Nikolai Tymoshenko, Apothecary

Alric, Dragonslayer

Related to StromgardeEdit

Stromgarde Tabard

EndStubEralas Trollbane, King

Dorath Trollbane, Brother to the King

StubEldengar Trollbane, Prince, cousin to the king

Thales, Cleric and friend of Eldengar

Aledar, Royal guard

Tatiana Trollbane, Princess, cousin to the king

Katerina Trollbane, sister of Tatiana

Anrothan, of Clan Donchadh

Sphrantzes, Noble

Tertullus, Lord of Aestbrad

Garrius Septim, Tribune

Jana Septim, not a Tribune

Isaak Septim, of the Brotherhood of Strom

Azshard, Magus of the Crimson Cabal

Elrich, Magus of the Crimson Cabal

Lijou, Magus of the Crimson Cabal

Alexius, Magus of the Crimson Cabal

Tabard of the CC

Arlith Brightmore, Captain

Ethgan, Captain

Anderas, Captain

Garn, Commodore

Carolus Alden, Lightist Clergyman

Mallick Vitalian, Leader of the Arathi Freedom Movement

Lukas Notaras, Minister and Lord

Nikeras Notaras, Agent of Lukas Notaras

Adsektor, Captain of the Bhelgar

Koryfaus Bhelgar, Son of the Bhelgar Chief

Daneb, Orthodox Lightist Clergyman

Duokas, Orthodox Lightist Clergyman

Rel, Clansman of Mallick Vitalian

Bryenn, Agent of Lukas Notaras

Related to Trolls and Zul'AmanEdit

Amani Tabard

StubJin'thek, Warlord of the Amani

Gruc'jen, Chief Witch Doctor of the Amani

Ba'jal, Lieutenant to Jin'thek

Nuvazgal, Overlord of the Mosstusk

Ha'lin, Chief of the Shadowpine

Yutrek, Shadowpine trapper

Exhel, Amani Shadow Hunter

Torosh, Amani messenger

Katoom, Slave in Jintha'alor

Maka, (Chief) of the Firetree

Joa'mar, Dire troll

Kirio, Slayer of Bears of the Mosstusk

Zul'gurumo, Uncle of Jin'thek, leader of the Zandali Corps

Aka'kaze, Admiral of Zuldazar

Tarik, Ice Troll slave in Jintha'Alor

Jo'ra, Priestess of Elortha no Shadra and leader of the Vilebranch

Shaka'duti, Empress of the Sandfury

Gul'alarion, Frost King

Ziata'jai, merely the brotherly leader and guide to the Gurubashi

Jodax'an, Witch Doctor of the Ambertree tribe

Hai'gajin, Daughter of Jodax'an

Chamahuac, Warrior of the Atal'ai

Hazza'rah, High Priest of the Atal'ai

Renataki, of the Thousand Blades

Related to IronforgeEdit

Ironforge Tabard

Gudrun Anvilmar, Highthane dying of a wasting illness

EndStubSkirvar Thaurissan, Thane of the Dark Iron Clan

Kurgen Featherbeard, Thane of the Wildhammer Clan

Voutgar Blackhammer the Silverbeard, Duke of Port Baradin

Yarin Angerforge, A lieutenant to Skirvar Thaurissan

Urel Wildhammer, Noble-blooded scout

Jaril Bronzebeard, Noble-blooded priest

Relgast Anvilmar, Heir to the throne

Urkath Oilfist, Overseer of the Thorium Brotherhood

Cagrelm Flamebeard, Chief of the Highthane's Bodyguards

Bolverk Bronzebeard, Thane of the Bronzebeard Clan

Agor Forgewright, Member of the Thorium Brotherhood

Grog Flintbuckle, Ambassador to Dalaran

Rogni Bronzebeard, a Bronzebeard noble

Kargkul Pillaclencher, former adviser to Voutgar

Ignal Ironroot, adviser to Rogni

Jack Turpin, Police Commissioner

Siolfor Blackhammer the Silverstache, son of Voutgar

Oneida Blackhammer, wife of Siolfor

Related to Port Baradin CrimeEdit

Wallace Stoniegear, the Toucan, crime lore

Andrew Merchant, aka Lunarus, crazy sometimes criminal.

The Swine, half-troll, half-dwarf thug

Big Icy, Frost Mage/hip-hop artist

Emorva, Eyeball Emancipator

Hogar the Walking Inferno

Julia van Bludstein, criminal

Serene Koolwine and Madelyn Ettridge, Sapphic Slayers

Facade, international supercriminal

Junno Flyntrock, mysterious dwarf

Vigilantress, mysterious crimefighter

Andrew Ramirez, corrupt cop

Paula Ketkhin, human crime lore

Sendent Morani, crime lord and head of the Morani family

Hromith Morani, semi-retired crime lord and banker

Tweed Sorvino, member of the Morani Family

Osric Greystone, crime lord and 'nice guy'

Quincy Caldwell, crime lord, smuggler

Dahlia Sayre, Matron of the Sayre Sisters, a renowned prostitution ring

Related to GilneasEdit

Of House GreymaneEdit

Viktor Greymane, King of Gilneas
Gilneas Tabard

StubArinre Greymane, wife of Ercate, eldest child and daughter of King Viktor

Carl Greymane, eldest son of King Viktor

Jammal Hildebrand, Court Wizard

Sevila, Handmaid to Arinre

Rodin Fornsform, a personal wizard of King Viktor

Lazare Tobin, Captain of the Royal Guard

Lady Derrsent, baroness of the township near Greymane territory

Alfred Greymane, a distant relative

The Azure ChurchEdit

Mordred Baldanes, also known as Mortimer; General of the army and leader of the pagan rebellion

Parisot de Bracy, Baldanes' devious and cunning lieutenant

Herman Aranas, High Priest of the Azure Church of Gilneas

Metellus Cipher, Azure Commander

Corwin Hartengard, Azure Commander

The Southern DuchiesEdit

Ercate Sorsbrent, Duke of Sorsbrent
Sorsbrent Tabard

Becta, Ercate's cousin and right-hand man

Tebrin, Castellan of Sorsbrent

Pippin Daedran, a relative of Tebrin's who became involved with the Malachites.

Stevan, a servant who Tebrin sent to Braent to signal the Mnesthian uprising against Ercate

Daedran, an aging friend of his who Tebrin sent to Kul Tiras on a similar mission to Admiral Periandrius

The aged court-wizard of Sorsbrent; leader of a meager handful of unnotable mages in service to Sorsbrent and the Southern Duchies.

An unnamed Strom Trader, who joins Ercate with two dozen able soldiers of his own employ

Nicholas Damasus, Chaplain in Sorsbrent

Henrich, Mayor of Sorsbrent

Lize, Henrich's wife and devout Lightist

Marcos Phelan, Guard Captain of Sorsbrent's garrison

Tammel Phelan, Marcos' brother and successor

Dick Willan, a soldier in the Marcos Phelan's command at Zanzifos

Richard de Marmont, 'Major Dick'

Lamar Daedran, a Lord of Sorsbrent and of the Malachite hand

Taldron Soben, Lightist Duke of Soben

Cemal Soben, nephew of Taldron Soben

Leopold von Braent, Mnesthian Duke of Braent

Weyrannem, Baron of Hessrandt in Braent duchy

Henrik, Count of Leafhill, on Sorsbrent's northern border

Feglan, Count of Henlinn on the coast of Sorsbrent duchy

Amondr, Count (of somewhere inland Sorsbrent)

Others in GilneasEdit

Tobijah Kruel, Former bishop and current Lightist heretic leader

Minerva von Xie, first of Kruel's Esarim

Sifo Grimaldi, Black Esarim

Amaulthar, Lightist extremist

Balthazar Bludd, Bishop

Zamelean, Lord of Ginchar's Guild of Assassins

Louis Oudinot, a soldier of Sorsbrent and secret (zinist?) servant of Zamelean

Greg Pasteur, a soldier

Korrin, of the Malachite Hand

Bobby "Caps" Locke, 'agent' of the Malachite Hand

The two tirasi traders, who Ercate leaves in command of Brennair - who are in fact the Red Dragons Ashastrasz and Vaelastrasz

Gladwish, Mayor of Harrowdale

Joffrey Braddock, Innkeeper of Harrowdale

Jasper Braddock, Joffrey's son

January Braddock, Joffrey's daughter

Talah, an ent from the Viridian Grove of Zanzifos

Zero-Zero-Nine, liberated golem

Three priests, friends of Jammal, who died in the business of interogating the golem.

Related to Quel'ThalasEdit


Anasterian Sunstrider, Sunking of Quel'Thalas

Nallorath Sunstrider, Eldest son of the Sunking

Tanilias Starseeker, Ambassador to Lordaeron

Mathurin Hawkspear, Ranger-General

Tarathien Goldleaf, Councillor of the Convocation

Dar'Khan Drathir, Noble

Liera, Agent

Rommath, Councillor of the Convocation

Andellion, Servant of Rommath

Firael, Servant of Rommath

Foruel, Servant of Rommath

Fenthelan Swiftwind, Cloudcaller's Heir

Saldor Shallowbrook, Leader of Quel'Danil Lodge

Benefactors Tabard

StubKariel Winthalus, Lord of the Benefactors

Seranidan, Majordomo of Kariel Winthalus

StubXalmor Windrunner, Viridian Templar

StubAmarian Zeshuwal, Benefactor

StubMagus Rimtori Sanguinar, Benefactor

StubTeliel Zamashen, Azure Templar

EndStubMadreen Chameral, Ivory Templar

Alial, consort to the Ivory Templar

Yol'Tithian, one of the first Benefactors

Alanassori, Goldenmist magister

Elyon Summerdrake, one of the first Benefactors

Gilaras Drakesong, arcanist and Councillor of Rommath's Convocation

Myrial - one of Rimtori's followers


Tanis Hawkwing, second-to-last Rider

Lynalis, a scout

Aelfhere, partner of Alanassori

Alyson Antille, majordomo of Atal'jinniness and elf-steward of Corrin's Crossing,

Isault - a bitter old woman

Rayan - one of Mathredis' spies

Auric, one of Mathredis' spies

Gilveradin, master ranger and one of Mathredis' eleven

Fanoraithe, ranger

Paldesse, ranger

Thalo'ras, member of the New Convocation and elf-administrator of Lordaeron. One of Mathredis' eleven

Lanudal, Benefactor

Iskandar, Benefactor

Haeliel, Benefactor

Irael, Apprentice to Madreen

Andrael, Apprentice to Madreen

Aernel, Benefactor

Isirami, Benefactor

Naelthiel, Benefactor

Hanthal, of the riders

Veraris, a Mnesthian cultist

Marisal, Benefactor Lady and one of Mathredis' eleven

Elleniel, Benefactor lord, one of Mathredis' eleven, member of the New Convocation

Kelemar, Benefactor lord and member of the New Convocation

Lord-Reliquary Sunshade, Benefactor lord

Avareth, Exalted

Azj'ial, Exalted

Alamma, Exalted

Savinia - exalted loyal to Mathredis

Leynial, Savina's servant

Talthressar, ambassador to Rommath

Linore, one of Seranidan's servants

Osselan, one of Seranidan's servants

Voldana, Malefactor and former Benefactor

Eulan Firecaster, Malefactor and former Benefactor

Galaran, Malefactor and former Benefactor

Drazial Strikenstar, Malefactor and former Benefactor

Lynnore Strikenstar, Malefactor and former Benefactor

Orianthi Strikenstar, Malefactor and former Benefactor

Joleera, Malefactor and former Benefactor

Elsharin, Malefactor and former Benefactor

Mi'irku Farstep, Malefactor and former Benefactor


Lord Morningsong


Anandor, a Benefactor agent

Ysuria, Portal-Weaver Solanar, lightist priest and lord


Varanis Bitterstar,

Eldin Sunstrider

Elynara Cleardawn, Zinite High Cultist General

Astalor Dawnblade, one of Mathredis' eleven

General Leryda Goldenlight, one of Mathredis' eleven

Hathvelion Hawkeye, leader of King Kariel's freemen

Related to the Perinany LegionEdit

Perinary Legion Tabard

EndStubMattheus Perinany, General of the Legion

Rinal Sourlan, Advisor to Mattheus

Gustav Mageriff, of the Fist of Humanity

Levin Rovandiel, of the Fist of Humanity

Vasgren Haran, of the Fist of Humanity

Herubrad Garithos, of the Fist of Humanity

Duncan Springvale, Captain of Raven Keep

Folca Eaconberth, Sergeant

Wavidson, Squire to Mattheus

Ashaletine, Cavalry Lieutenant

Related to the Council of TirisfalEdit

Scavell, Guardian of Tirisfal

Relfthra, High Elven Member of the Council of Tirisfal

Erbag, Gnomish Member of the Council of Tirisfal

Kithros, High Elven Member of the Council of Tirisfal

Meryl Winterstorm, Undead Member of the Council of Tirisfal

Maxwell, a Priest of Lordaeron

Rohar, High Elven Member of the Council of Tirisfal

Artep, Human Member of the Council of Tirisfal

Related to Zul'DareEdit

Esoteric Order Tabard

StubEwekapu Marsh, Ruler of New Barsmouth; "Ewe"

Ephraim Marsh, One of the four dukes of Grinwillow and head of the Marsh family

Kristoffer Waite, Duke

Iðunn Waite, daughter of Kristoffer Waite

Forseti Waite, son of Kristoffer Waite

Alhazred Elliot, Duke

Iolande Elliot, daughter of Alhazred Elliot and Rebel Conclave member

EndStubIanthe Marsh, Sister of Ewe and expert archer

Barnabas Waite, Advisor; "Barny"

Ligdus Galmin, One of the four dukes of Grinwillow and head of the Galmin family. Rival of Duke Marsh.

Iphis Galmin, disowned daughter of Duke Galmin

William Olmstead, Advisor; "Billy"

Alan Zadok, Ominous (and drunk) Resident

Johann Wilson, Rebel conclave member

Donna Jando, Rebel

Darlene Radimire , Rebel conclave member

Sara Valborn, Rebel conclave member

Carl Sutcliffe , Rebel conclave member

Quincy Harmon, Rebel conclave member

6664332, secret weapon

Bridge, guide Enchantment within the Core

Vox Tsath, returned

Murray Grizzleton, mad hermit

Related to Stormwind and HochsteinEdit


Silas Lothar, King of Stormwind

Linus Wrynn, General of Stormwind's army

Dominot Lothar, Son of the King

Augustus Fenris, Duke of Fenris Isle

John Paul Jenkins, Viceroy of Stormwind

Francis Germaine, member of the Wrynn Expedition

Poine, lieutenant of Linus Wrynn

Barryl Wrynn, Duke of Hochstein

Related to the DragonflightsEdit

Lethon, of the Green

Nozari, of the Bronze

Atrumarion, of the Black

Keepers of Time Tabard

Zulastrasz, of the Green

Krasus, Korialstrasz, of the Red

Vaelastrasz, of the Red

Ashastrasz, of the Red

Pokstrasza, of the Red, Vael's consort

Tronastrasz, of the Red

Astraszastrasz, of the Red

Cyrisus, Sapphiron, of the Blue

Related to Other FactionsEdit

The Four Gods

Men'heva, the False Prophet

Xaxion Drak'eem, the Prophet of Mnesthes

D'vorjakque, the Lieutenant of Zinine

Xostheron, the Hand of Muhar

Akaerna-Sagai, the Wrath of Brux

Shadow God, the Usurped

Arronax Sanguinar, the son

Mindsmith, the mysterious

Neemin, the insidious

Anandor Darafel, founder of the Collective

Crystal Ball, of the Collective

Gimp, of the Collective

Mawkiki, of the Collective

Buffoon, a serial killer

Grady Hines, the Disgusting Oozling