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Azeroth's Favorite Teen Mother

Arinre Greymane
was the wife of Ercate Sorsbrent and daughter of Viktor Greymane. She eventually became Queen of Gilneas after murdering her husband in secret. Giving birth, she found herself the mother of twin boys.

She eventually became engaged and was married to Linus Wrynn. For some reason.

Shortly after she fell alongside her greatest fan, Nicholas Damasus, by the god of shadows, Tobijah Kruel. She was somehow extracted by the Benefactors under Seranidan alongside Wrynn for use as a hostage to stop Stormwind's invasion of Boralus, a plan which failed.

Family treeEdit

Viktor Greymane
Carl Greymane
Arinre Greymane
Ercate Sorsbrent
Linus Wrynn
Twin A
Twin B