Arathi Freedom Movement


Mallick Vitalian and various other chieftains

Capital/Based In

Various rebel outposts in the Arathi Highlands


Arathi Clans, Maret, Bhelgar, Highwind, Vereka, Gann, Vitalian


To break Stromgarde up into smaller states

A collection of rebel factions in the Arathi Highlands, each seeking independence from the rule of the King of Stromgarde.

Summary Edit

Cu Chulainn by Tsabo6

We make war that we may live in peace.

Before the Great War of Lordaeron, the Arathi Highlands were beset by many minor conflicts. Warlords and former commanders of the imperial army often attempted to lead their hometowns into rebellion, taking with them the soldiers who had been most loyal to them. These efforts were rarely effective in isolation, which led to the formation of the Arathi Freedom Movement; a combined effort by many clans, rogue factions and rebels to unite under one banner against the King.

The most successful effort organized by the early Freedom Movement was the capture of a section of the Thoradin Wall. When King Eralas Trollbane attempted to pass through to reach the summit at Fenris Isle, the rebels attempted to stop him. However, Eralas threatened and scared them into allowing him through, after which Dorath Trollbane, acting as regent, reclaimed the walls. The Freedom Movement was then persecuted and crushed into the ground over the following weeks. Those who sought pardon could rejoin the Stromgarde legions. Many went into hiding.

When Dorath Trollbane was crowned and Tribune Garrius Septim's legions sent into Hesperia, there were rumblings amidst the clans. Kariel Winthalus came to them and promised his support, forging alliances that quickly led to the storming of Stromgarde City. Mallick Vitalian, Lukas Notaras, Daneb and Duokas enacted a regime change that put the Freedom Movement in power.